1999 - 2002
There is not much that has not been said about Massimo Tamburini's Italian exotica - maybe this is simply the most iconic shape of sportsbike ever produced?

What Visor Down said...

"More power than the 916, but the same look and excellent corner poise.”

The Ducati defined a generation of superbikes, Honda had to build an equivalent bike in the SP1 to compete with it. Four WSB titles for Britain's Carl Fogarty, not to mention the Aussie Troys, Corser and Bayliss.

The Ducati was dominant in domestic racing too. Who can forget Steve Hislop lapping Donington on his PBM Monster Mob Ducati faster than Rossi had been on his Honda RCV Moto GP machine?
Ren Racing's Ducati 996 pays homage to Neil Hodgson's title winning year on the GSE machine in 2000. Coupled with our GSXR it harks back to probably the most memorable of BSB seasons.
  • The 996 was a premium bike in any guise. This year 2000 model had Showa suspension as standard, five spoke Machesini wheels and Brembo brakes.
  • The big v-twin is a joy to listen to and ride, but does take some getting used to when coming from a high revving four cylinder. The Termignoni booming out that distinctive note, the engine is in stock trim and the headers are standard to try and keep the noise level under control.
  • Up front the suspension has been refreshed with a revalve and respring, and the rear serviced and resprung, all by Maxton.
  • Handlebars/clipons, lever protection and bespoke machined parts supplied by Vigour Multi-Axis Machining Specialists.
  • The standard brakes are good, even for their age, a sign that this was, and is a premium product. It is hard to believe they are over 20 years old after a full overhaul, new Brembo master cylinder and fresh lines by HEL.
  • Cooling hoses are all replaced with Samco Sport items.
  • Grip is taken care of by Dunlop - the Dunlop D212 GP Racer tyres have their pedigree routed firmly in Isle of Man TT success.
  • For many the Ducati 916 range (916, 996 & 998) was the bike to aspire to back-in-the-day. For most a 200 mile Sunday ride out would be crippling but the riding experience is ethereal, it couldn't not be.