2000 - 2006
If you can't beat them, join them. Honda had campaigned the iconic RC45 at WSB 1995-1999, whilst it did win one title in the hands of John Kocinski the Ducati 916 series had the upper hand.

A 1000cc limit for twins (two cylinder) vs 750cc for the fours (four cylinder) led Honda to build their own 1000 twin to take on the iconic Ducati.

What Motorcyle News said...

"It doesn't boom into life in the style of an Italian V-twin. Instead, the 999cc Honda motor comes alive with a muted, muffled tone. But, blip the throttle, let the revs rise and you're in business. The upswept exhausts deliver a deep rumbling symphony – it sounds like a twin, but there is no lumpiness or vibration like there is with a Ducati.”

Also designated the RC51, this was a product of HRC (Honda racing Corporation) rather than mainstream Honda. It was built to win and it did.

2000 resulted in a WSB title with Colin Edwards and Formula 1 TT success with Joey Dunlop. From 1997 Honda went on a 10 year winning streak at Suzuka, including 4 for the SP/RC51. Success came in world endurance with a title in 2001.
Renaissance Racing's SP1 is a year 2000 model, as huge TT fans there could only be one option, a Joey Dunlop replica from that famous Formula 1 race of 2000.
  • Noise can be an issue with big v-twins, currently the SP1 retains stock header pipes but does have aftermarket end cans, this is a compromise between unleashing a few more bhp from the stock engine and managing the noise level.
  • As a stock bike the SP1 had good suspension. Time takes its toll though and the rear unit has been replaced with a Maxton unit and the front internals modified, again by Maxton.
  • The stock Nissen calipers worked well in 2000 and are retained but are given some assistance in the form of a Brembo master cylinder. Lines are by HEL.
  • Handlebars/clipons, lever protection and bespoke machined parts supplied by Vigour Multi-Axis Machining Specialists.
  • Cooling hoses are all replaced with Samco Sport items.
  • Grip is taken care of by Dunlop - the Dunlop D212 GP Racer tyres have their pedigree routed firmly in Isle of Man TT success.