1993 - 1998
Nothing says the 1990s like a YZF paint scheme, Yamaha recruited every Scouse shell suit designer they could find!

Carole Nash says as part of their 'iconic bikes' series...

" of the finest sportsbikes of the 1990s, even if it spent its life in the shadows of others. In world superbikes the YZF750 (along with every other 750cc four) spent its life chasing the dominant Ducatis, but in the UK it was the bike to beat in British superbikes. Niall Mackenzie won the reborn series in 1996, '97 and '98 on his purple, Cadbury's Boost...”

In the 1990s superbike racing was all about 750cc 'fours' (four cylinder) and 1000 'twins' (two cylinder). The YZF 750 was Yamaha's answer, following on from the homologation special the OW01. Unfortunately for Yamaha... and everyone else, Honda had released their CBR900 Fireblade in 1992 which would fundamentally change the sportsbike market. The YZF stands out as slightly different to its competitors by being a 5 valve per cylinder engine, something carried over from the FZR/OWO1 before and would be continue on to the R1 and R7 OWO2.

Whilst in the shadow as far as power and poise goes the YZF was a successful bike, especially on the track, international race wins, domestic series championships and success at the Suzuka 8 hour with the legends, Haga and Edwards.
Ren Racing's YZF is a 1993 'r' model dressed in the 1997-98 Cadbury's Boost colours of Naill Mackenzie. We think the YZF will be the surprise package for most people!
  • These do feel different to sit on when compared to the other bikes, definitely a case of sitting 'in' rather than 'on' and you can feel that this is the older design.
  • The engine remains standard but is freshened up with a free flowing Akropovic exhaust and accompanying air filter.
  • Like many of the 'r' model some SP suspension has found its way onto our bike. The rear Ohlins has been refreshed by Maxton. Unfortunately the front forks had been altered (cut away) to take the blue spot calipers. Whilst a definite brake improvement over the originals the thought of someone having taken a hacksaw and Dremel to the forks could cause sleepless nights!
  • The forks have been replaced and now sport that delicious gold low friction coating and Maxton SD25 cartridges.
  • Up front stopping power comes courtesy of refreshed Brembo calipers and accompanying master cylinder. At the rear a neat underslung caliper removes the need for the industrial bracing bar fitted as standard. Lines are by HEL.
  • Cooling hoses are all replaced with Samco Sport items.
  • Handlebars/clipons, lever protection and bespoke machined parts supplied by Vigour Multi-Axis Machining Specialists.
  • Grip is taken care of by Dunlop - the Dunlop D212 GP Racer tyres have their pedigree routed firmly in Isle of Man TT success.